21 Aug 2013

Work in Progress

Happy Wednesday!
The past week seems to have zoom pass while i was in an autopilot mode.
Actually truth be told, I haven’t been at my best for the past few weeks. Been feeling rather moody. Yes.. almost even no mood to sew too!
But, i force myself to take the first step and start Hopscotch-ing again.
Lucky enough, i feel better and more at peace now. So there will be a lot more Hopscotch-ing posts coming up (i hope). Hopefully by the time my Hopscotch top is done i will be back to my normal self. = )


Two rows completed. Yay!
and most seams are aligned and matches. Double Yay!!


and many more to go.. ^^


p/s : sorry for the poor lighting.


Thank you so much for dropping by.
Have a nice week ahead.

xox Jean

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