17 May 2013

We Are back!



We have been back from Taiwan for about a week now.
Still missing the nice cooling weather and yummy food..
This pack of Moda Solids came when i was away in Taiwan. = )


I have too many small projects on my hand at the moment, lots of birthday gifts to be exact! so i guess they will just have to wait..
Luckily for Mr S, his wife did not go crazy at the Fabric Market in Taiwan.
In fact, he was surprised and actually ask why i buy so little fabric..
It was okay, because i too, was surprise at myself for buying so little fabric.
But there will always be another trip.. so…. (wink) ;p

Checkout my fabric purchase from Yongle Fabric Market in Taipei, Taiwan.
Let the show begin…

p/s: again, i took the photos using my Samsung Note 2.. so please pardon me.
I will try to take better quality pictures next time. >_<“


Fell in love with this words.. especially the one infront..
Chocolate, Sundae, Muffin, Donut… Slurp.. ^^



A day at the bear’s fun fair


The moment i saw these pretty flower fabric, i knew my mum will love them as cushion covers and so do i! LOL


Basics.. Basics.. how can i resists.. ^^


Some of the fabrics are wrinkled from my poor and lazy packing the flight..
Thus, please enjoy the pretty prints and ignore the creases (and poor lighting).. = )



I really really couldn’t resist buying this same cute prints in three different colors!
They will make really cute bags and purse for me my nieces Jaymee and Sheryl!


Here is a Happy Little Piggy!



The polka dot on the right are laminates!
But, as for the paw prints and turquoise polka dots, I’m not sure the correct term.
but the sign board above them in the shop wrote “waterproof fabric”..



Check out this really preeeeetty Japanese prints fabrics.
aren’t they lovely?!

I’m still trying to sort out the photos i took in Taiwan (again using my mobile phone)..
I will share some with you the next time. ^^

Have a really great weekend ahead my friends!

xox , Jean

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