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Drawstring Purse
30 Jul 2012

Is Been a Long Time..

Hello, i’ve not been blogging for a really long time.. ermmm.. the last date post is dec! OMG! (0_o)” there has really been too many going on.. let me do a list of 100 recaps.. too long? okay, a short 12 recaps will do for the missing half a year and lotsa pictures.. Beware, i have warn you.. Is gonna be a really loooong post!...

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Design 1 (Before)
07 Jun 2011

My First Tote Bag

Can you spot the difference between Design 1 and Design 2? Hehehe.. Yes! You are right! I sew up the sides to make it more boxy shape. I completed this Tote Bag over the weekends, took a picture (design 1) and used it yesterday to put my stuff for my Pilates class. But it just didn’t feel right. It is too “shapeless” and soft for...

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