23 Aug 2012

Single Girl Seat Cover/Table Runner


Remember this post and this?
well, after one whole year, is finally completed. Yippee!!


Initially, I had thought to quilt plain straight lines all the way.
(as you know, my dear sewing machine can only sew straight lines)
But, after some staring into space, trying to visualise the outcome,
i decided that straight lines can be fun too!
So i quilted this :



Does the back colors reminds you of the ocean?
i love how it seems to compliment the design perfectly.
(please do not look too closely, as the tips do not meet.. yikes!! >_<“)

Did you notice that something is missing in my Single Girl seat cover?
Is the strings!!! the strings!!!
the strings to tie the seat cover to the chair!!
I was so busy and happily quilting and binding it that i totally forgot about it.
Skylar pointed that out, the moment i show the finished seat cover to him!
at least i can still use it as a table runner.. woot!
Ohh! how i love to sew!!

Have a great weekend ahead! ^^

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