11 Oct 2016

Patchwork Zipper Pouch 1 – A Dumpling Pouch Tutorial





Hello Everyone!
As i have shared on Instagram last week, from 10 October to 19 December, i will be sharing 6 different kinds of Patchwork Zipper Pouch Tutorial on my blog, one tutorial every 2 weeks so by 19 Dec you will have at least 6 different kinds of zipper pouch ready to be gift wrap as Christmas gifts. 🙂

Pouch no. 1 will be an easy and quick to sew Dumpling Pouch. I have made a Patchwork and Non Patchwork version. I still can’t decide which i like most. 🙂

The completed pouch will measure 6″(L) x 2.5″(W) x 3″(H).

Materials Required :

★★ Exterior Fabric –> cut 1 pc of 10″ x 10″ (for non patchwork version)

–> cut 3 pcs of 2.5″ x 10″ strips and 2 pcs of 2.25″ x 10″ strips (for patchwork version)

★★ Interior Fabric –> cut 1 pc of 10″ x 10″

★★ Binding (for single fold) –> cut 1 pc of 1.25″ x 16″

★★ Interfacing –> cut 1 pc of 10″ x 10″ (choose your interfacing based on the result that you are after. I use cotton batting for mine)

★★ Zipper –> 1 pc of 6″

★ Using 1/4″ seam allowance throughout ★

Now, let’s get started! 🙂


1) This part is optional.

You can either choose to draw a 10″ diameter circle directly on your fabric and interface and cut them out or you can draw on a template first and using the template as a guideline to cut.

If you are doing non patchwork version, please skip the below and go directly to step 4


2) Place 1 pc of 2.25″ x 10″ strip and 1 pc of 2.5″ x 10″ strip right side together and sew them together. Press Seam


3) Continue to sew the rest of the strips together in this order : 1 pc of 2.25″ x 10″, 1 pc of 2.5″ x 10″, 1 pc of 2.5″ x 10″, 1 pc of 2.5″ x 10″ and 1 pc of 2.25″ x 10″. Press Seam


4) Cut a 10″ diameter circle from your exterior fabric, interior fabric and interfacing as shown above.


5) Placed your exterior and interior fabric wrong side together with your interfacing in the center and pin them in placed. (i used clips, so to prevent myself from getting prick later. :P)


6) Thread a 63″ long thread in half, so we will sewing with 2 strands of thread. Start your first stitch as shown above. As we will sew a binding using 1/4″ seam allowance along the round edges later thus your stitch should be less then 1/4″ and close to the edge. The distance between each stitch should be about 0.5″ to 1″. The shorter the distance the more obvious are the “gathers”. When you have stitch half way around the circle, you can stop and start tugging at the thread so the “gathers” will formed. Then continue sewing the other half of the circle and repeat the tugging.


7) Arrange the gathers to your liking. Measure the edges length and ensure that they are 6 inches long as shown above. Tie a knot and cut off the excess thread.



8) We will be using a single fold binding method for our dumpling pouch. 🙂

Trim off the corner of  your 1.25″ x 16″ binding as shown above


9) Pin the binding along your pouch edges as shown above


10) Trim off the excess binding and pin them in place as shown above. This is usually how i join my binding ends for pouch. There are many ways to join binding ends. You can check out the many wonderful tutorials and youtube videos online and pick a style that you like. 🙂


11) Using 1/4″ seam allowance, sew the binding unto the edges as shown.


12) Flip your pouch inside out so the interior fabric is facing up (note : i have taken this picture before flipping )

Turn the binding over carefully and turn the raw edge of the binding under and pin or clip in placed. For me, usually i don’t pin in placed, i like to fold and sew along. 🙂

With a needle and thread, start the first stitch underneath the binding to hide the knot.


13) Ensure that your folded binding covers the stitch area on your interior fabric. Blind stitch all the way. 🙂 (note : i have again taken this picture before flipping the pouch inside out)


14) Just to show you how i join my binding ends 🙂 Fold the raw edge of your bottom binding in first, then fold the raw edge of the “trimmed corner” binding under the bottom binding. Clip them in placed and continue your blind stitch.


15) One last step to go! Handsewing the zippers. 🙂

With the zipper pull on the left side facing downwards, align the zipper teeth along the edge of the binding. Pin them in placed.


16) To sew the zipper to the pouch, i start my first stitch under the zipper so the knot is hidden. Back stitch throughout the length of the zipper.

Be careful not to sew through all layers of the binding. The needle should only pick up the first layer of the binding fabric next to the zipper. End the stitch underneath the zipper so that the knot will be hidden.  Sew another row of back stitch or catch stitch at the bottom of the zipper.

Repeat step 15 & 16 to the other side of the zipper.


17) Flip the pouch right side out.

Ta daaaa~~~ Finished!


The inside of the pouch is very wide and spacious!


Hope you have enjoyed making this pouch as much as i do. 🙂 I would really really love to see your version so please tag me on Instagram.

Have a wonderful week ahead my crafty friends. 🙂

xoxo Jean



  1. Such a cute pouch Jean. Thank you for the tutorial! Looking forward to the next ones.

  2. Super cute!! Thank you for putting this excellent tutorial together.😊💞

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