18 Apr 2013

I’ve Been Featured in IKEA!



Finally its here!! Its here!!! ^^
About 3 weeks ago, i received an email from IKEA telling me that they will be publishing my project in their IKEA Family Newsletter – April 2013 Issue!
I had submitted my project to them last December. It was such a loooong wait for me (i’m really not so good at the waiting game!). I thought i have no chance at all.
So, when i received their email, i was overjoyed and couldn’t believe is real, so i waited for the actual copy to be send to us, just to make sure.

There are 7 other talented crafters been featured too!
Not trying to pick favorite, but i really love the letter box project and the carousel project! They are so creative and cute!
By the way, can you guess which project is mine? ^^


They have featured my “Box of Donuts” baby quilt! hee! hee!


Ohh! and i was also send a $50 IKEA Gift Card! Wonderful isn’t it!! ^^
Currently I’m also working on a pattern for my “Box of Donuts” baby quilt which i will share soon!
so sorry, there are too many exclamation marks in this post! but, that is because i’m just so excited and happy! please pardon me for just one post! ^^

And so sorry for the poor pictures, i am just so lazy forgetful recently, kept forgetting to bring my camera home from Mr S house, thus all pictures taken from my Note 2.

oh! did i mention i will be going to Taiwan for a week holiday from 1st May?!
I’m so excited and looking forward to the long holiday break and yummy food! Slurp!
and best part is, i google and found that they have a fabric market in Taiwan! when i visited Taiwan back in year 2010, i do not even know how to use a Sewing Machine! how time really flies.. So for this trip I will be sure to bring an extra luggage! hee!

Have a great weekend ahead!

xoxo Jean

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