25 Apr 2011

First Try at Mug Rug

I’m suppose to post this last week, but i was sick in the beginning of the week, and was too busy during the Good Friday Long weekend to do any posting.. ;p
Anyway, i had a really good long weekend, just hanging out with my family & Mr S. Catching up on all my favorite dramas, like Glee, Mentalist, and oh! we started a new comedy drama named “Break-in”. Each episode is only 25mins long, very suitable to fit into busy schedules.. ;p

Anyway, back to my Mug Rag, it was just too cute to use, so probably i will use it as a wall deco instead.. = )
If you guys like it as much as i do, i will post up a Tutorial sometime soon.. = )
In the meanwhile, Enjoy!



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