06 Mar 2011

First Attempt at Seat Cover

Life’s simple pleasure quotes : wake up naturally everyday without the noise from the alarm clock.. 🙂

My seat-cover for Mr S’s computer chair is completed!
I did a simple block design with as MANLY colors fabric as i could find.. 🙂
I think i might need to buy more of greys, browns, beige and blacks.. more graphic and less floral and cute prints for my next BIG project –>> Mr S’s Blanket!!



I used polyester for the batting as i wanted it to have a cushiony feel and look.
This is my first attempt at polyester, it was completely out of my control. If you look closely, the seat cover is actually slightly out of shape. I tried to even up by binding, which do helps a little.. Anyway, Practice makes Perfect, i will make a better one next time round! 🙂

Cya Jean

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