08 Apr 2013

A Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you had a great weekend!
Remember my post on a zipper pouch for my sister?!
Well, today i’m going to share a tutorial on it. I know there are tons of zipper pouch tutorials out there by many wonderful people. But i thought it will be fun to share how i make mine. = )

These pouches are so easy, quick and fun to make. Once you grasp the concept, you can make them in any size or design! Plus, they are practical and useful and makes a really great gift because girls can never have too many pouches and shoes right?! ;p
So, are you ready?!
Let’s go!





1) Sew your exterior print fabric color 1 and color 2 (aqua piece) right side together as shown. Make two.


2) you may choose to either press seams to one side or press seams open, which ever way is more comfortable for you. Make two.


3) If you are using light weight interfacing, fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the exterior print fabric as per the manufacturer’s instruction on the packaging.
Place the cotton batting on top of the interfacing.
Repeat this step for the second exterior print fabric.


4) This part is optional. For me, I like to add some simple quilting details to my pouch to make it more interesting. you can choose to quilt straight lines or stipple or none at all! Is entirely up to you. = )


5) Cut off the end of your zipper, trimming off the metal part.
Measure your zipper from the end and draw a line at 6″.


6) Remember to unzip your zipper pass the drawn line.
Cut on the drawn line.


7) To make the end tabs of the zipper, fold the piece of fabric into half length wise.
Press it.
Open up, fold the raw edges towards the centre crease and press again.
Repeat this step for the other end tab.


8) Placed your zipper end in the folded tab.



9) Pin it in place.


10) Using a small seam allowance, top stitch a straight line across the zipper.
Repeat this step for the other end of the zipper.


11) The length of the zipper with the tabs sewn on should measure 6″ from end to end.


12) Placed the lining print fabric right side up, center the zipper face up with the pull zip on the right.


13) Placed the exterior fabric right side down on top of your lining fabric + zipper.
Make sure the edges are in line.


14) Pin them in place. Pin as many pins as you need, so they are secured.


15) Sew along the top edge using 1/4 seam allowance.


16) when you sew near to the pull zip, stop sewing and backstitch.


17) Remove the remaining pins, flip open and unzip the zipper until is about two inches pass where you have stop sewing.


18) Flip it back to the previous position, ensure the edges are in line and pin.
Continue sewing the top edge using 1/4 seam allowance from where you have stop earlier.


19) Flip the fabrics wrong side together and press.


20) Trim off the excess fabric from the zipper tabs.
Repeat this step for the other side later on.


21) Place the lining fabric right side up, center the zipper face up with the pull zip on the left side this time. Place the other exterior fabric with wrong side facing up on top of the zipper. Ensure the edges are in line and pin in place.
Repeat Step 14 to 20.


22) Flip the fabrics wrong side together and press, so it will now look like the above picture.


23) Top stitch along the edge of each side of the zipper.



24) **Open your zipper halfway now.**
Placed the exterior fabric right sides together and the lining fabric right sides together.
Push the zipper end tabs towards the exterior fabric.


25) Pin it in placed.


26) Sew all around the edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance.
Leave about 4″ opening at the bottom of the lining fabric for turning later on.
I have sew a larger seam allowance on the lining fabric compare to the exterior fabric so that it will seat nicely after i turn it over and put the lining in the pouch.
Ensure that you sew right next to the zipper end tabs and not through them.
Clip all corners.


27) Turn the pouch right side out through the lining fabric opening.
Gently push out the corners.


28) You may choose to hand stitch the opening closed which is always my favorite option because i like my stitches to be invisible especially if is meant to be a gift.
But today, we will just stitch the opening closed using a small seam allowance.


29) Placed the lining fabric into the pouch and press well.


30) Ta – daaaa! Your pouch is all done!
You can actually add a short strap handle at the side or sew on ric rac on the exterior fabric. Something like my Sanitary Napkin Purse for example.

** A short tutorial for the Strap Handle can be found here **


Hope you have a fun time making the zipper pouch as much as i do! ^^

Have a great week ahead!

xox, Jean

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