15 Aug 2012

A Silent Cinema Table Runner




I have been busy this few days..
Busy falling SICK.. argghhhh…
I caught the flu bug, and it seems to be enjoying itself, sticking to me.. >_<“

Luckily i managed to finish the table runner before catching the bug..
I quilt using straight lines and shadowing each block and hand bind it.
I really love hand binding.. and piecing.. and cutting fabric.. and sewing.. and ironing.. and..

I’m not sure if anyone really read this silly blog of mine.
Although most of the time, i feel “should be no one is reading it”
Anyway, if you like this table runner, leave a comment, and i will gladly post a tutorial on it. = )
This pattern is most suitable if you have a pretty fabric that you want to showcase. = )

p/s: pardon me, if what i wrote don’t make sense or my sentences don’t link today.. i blame it on the flu bug..

happy mid-week!!

xoxo Jean

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