03 Aug 2016

A Sewing Post


Taking a break from the sewing world for a couple of years also means that i missed out on the release of all the beautiful fabric collections which also means i save a lot of money!
So……….. this will mean that i can buy more now with all the money saved. haha!
Luckily Mr S never read my blog, so he will never know. hehe. Oh! speaking of this, recently he has also been complaining highlighting that he has been seeing all the sewing stuff popping up in his search feed in Instagram. hahhahaha.
Last week, my younger sister Nicole has also send me a screenshot of her search feed in Instagram which is showing patchwork pouch etc suggestions and she ask me how come she is seeing this. hahhahahha.
i find it to be hilarious because i know they are not interested in sewing stuff at all and have commented that all fabrics looks the same to them, so all these pop ups in their Instagram makes me laugh! LOL.
Anyway, Mr S told my sister in order to stop Instagram from suggesting any more sewing stuff in their search feed, they have to either stop “liking” my post or “unfollow” me in Instagram. of course, i told them is uncool to do that. LOL


when i first set eyes on this lovely flower sugar maison fabric by Lecien awhile ago, i felt like it was design for me. 🙂
First it is in my favorite color, Second it has small flowers which i love and lastly they are in polka dots! I am so lucky that i am still able to get some of this pretty prints.
Aren’t they a beauty. 🙂


So i made a gyoza pouch using this pretty print to keep all my coins. 🙂
but now i have second thoughts as they look too pretty to use.. haha.
Tutorial for my Gyoza Pouch can be found here.
Instead of using cotton batting as mentioned in my tutorial, I use a light weight sew in interface. I really love how more rounded and cute it looks.


I also made a Zipper Pouch for my mum in her favorite color – Pink!
Is strange that i never sew anything for my mum. This is the first, but definitely won’t be last. 🙂
Tutorial for my zippered pouch can be found here
Same like my gyoza pouch, instead of using cotton batting as mention in my tutorial, i have used a medium weight sew in interface for this one. 🙂


Taking a break and returning to my favorite hobby makes me realized how much i have missed and love sewing. Is really good to be back. 🙂

I am working on a few more tutorials that i will share as soon as i am done sewing / writing them. See you around. 🙂

Have a lovely week ahead.


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